Cookie's HetaOni

Cookie’s HetaOni is an accurate english version of Tomoyoshi’s original HetaOni, the popular Hetalia horror fan-game based off of the Japanese horror game Ao Oni. Tomoyoshi’s was released in November of 2010 but discontinued, unfinished, after the earthquakes and tsunami of 2011. Cookie’s HetaOni was created in 2016 after they decided to come back to the Hetalia fandom by learning RPG Maker and making a game. The key differences are that Cookie’s HetaOni is in english, made on a newer program, and has an original ending.


HetaOni starts with the main cast of nations going to a mansion to investigate strange rumours. They then are trapped there by the locked front door and have to solve puzzles and explore in attempts to escape. The game begins with the former Axis nations (Germany, Italy, Japan and Prussia) entering the mansion and discussing how scary it is. They are then surprised by a loud noise, which Japan goes off to investigate, and scatter around the mansion. After eventually coming together again, they meet up with the former Allied forces (England, France, Russia, China, Canada and America) and find that they are all trapped inside and are being hunted down by a giant grey alien "Thing". The game follows them trying to survive and escape the mansion, with some twists and turns (and a high risk of death).

Main Cast

The main cast of characters is the first ten nations to enter the mansion, plus 5-6 more that come in later. The main 10 are Germany, Italy, Japan, Prussia, America, Canada, Russia, China, France, and England (in no particular order). About the first half of the game focuses on them before introducing the others, Spain and South Italy, as well as the 2Ps.

Cookie's 2Ps

One of the main differences from Tomoyoshi's HetaOni is the inclusion of Cookie's 2Ps in the game. They were made solely by Cookie and never appeared in the original. They appear closer to the end of the game and are major plot points for Cookie's original ending and also their sequel game, Hetaoni: Love. Their names are Ignatious "Iggy" Oleander (formerly England), Loup Dubois (formerly France) and Igor Smirnov (formerly Russia).

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